This week marked the first week of true normalcy, or at least normal as our family knows it. My husband hasn’t been cleared to drive, and for the most part I’m OK with that. It’s slightly inconvenient but I deal. He is at least back at work full time which gives the kids and I more of a sense of having our routine back. Kids thrive on that sort of thing, and quite frankly so do I. Our son is especially sensitive to routine disruptions and I have had to learn to be more respectful of that. It does make life a bit more difficult but again, I deal.

Through all of this, the one thing that has remained consistent is our son’s therapy attendance. Today’s session was actually quite reassuring. The words “autism” and “asperger’s” had been tossed around a bit in reference to our son. Those are hard words for a parent to take. It conjures up all sorts of thoughts and emotions. No parent wants that for their child. However, in talking with his OT this morning she’s pretty convinced that we’re not looking at that as a diagnosis on top of his SPD. She did affirm what we as his parents and everyone else who comes in contact with him suspected all along: ADHD. Nothing new. I am relieved that we’re not looking at ASD. I only wish SPD were recognized by the state. I’m not one to seek out government assistance, but he is requiring more therapy and at $20 per session per week, it’s getting pricey. Once we add the speech therapist, that’s yet another expense.

Speaking of (no pun intended)… He’s still on the waiting list for the speech therapist. I’m anxious for him to start because it’s frustrating for everyone involved. He reaches a certain point in his speech development and stalls. He’s been stuttering for quite some time and is now not only progressing, but he’s actually regressing. Telling him he’s a big boy and that he doesn’t have to talk like his baby sister does no good. I’m at a complete loss as to what to do. Every therapist says the same thing “encourage him to be a big boy.” That might work for most kids, but not for ours. He has trouble communicating and gets frustrated, and then we get frustrated and it just cycles. He’s always had communication issues, and as his mother I was worried about it, but everyone including the pediatrician said “he’ll be fine” or “he’ll grow out of it.” Well, he hasn’t and in fact it’s gotten worse. Certain people in our lives are still in denial about his issues, and in some way seem to blame me for them. I can’t do anything about that. All I can do is move forward and do what I feel is best for my son. It’s much better to take care of it now at 3 1/2 than to wait. That would just make the road ahead that much harder. For now, I just feel stuck until he gets in with the speech therapist.