Growth spurts are usually fairly innocuous. Unless you’re my monkey. Growth spurts, teething, and anything else out of the norm has always sent him into a tizzy. This latest growth spurt was no different. I didn’t even realize that it was causing some of the regression until this morning when I put his pants on him and the waist was too big. I’m still new to this whole world of special needs and still trying to navigate around so a growth spurt was the farthest thing from my mind. It’s not the whole cause, but it made things that much worse. Hopefully next time I’ll remember the next time we have a string of awful days and I just want to pull my hair out, that it might just be a growth spurt.

I’m slowly changing our lives to follow the Feingold Diet. It’s been a journey all its own for sure. I wasn’t even sure if the few changes that I had made were even doing any good so I slacked off. Big. Epic. Mistake. It sent our entire family into a whirlwind from our monkey’s reaction. So we’re back to “normal” and I’m hitting the Feingold hard from now on. If anything it’s made me hopeful knowing that it’s actually doing some good. We’ve also started a very small dose of melatonin at bedtime and some caffeine during the day. It’s honestly like having a whole new child. He sleeps amazingly and he’s much more focused and actually listens. We’ve had two days of fabulous behavior. I’m hoping to be able to start more school type activities in the next couple of weeks. He’s not perfect, but no kid is. However, when I talk to him I feel like he’s better able to listen.

On a similar note, he’s finally got an eval scheduled with the speech therapist next week. I’m oddly excited about it. I guess because I’m hoping that she can help him and us. Thankfully though, I think the melatonin is helping to calm his anxiety so his stuttering isn’t quite as bad. It is still there and he still needs some help overcoming it and we need help as his parents to help him.