Therapy appointments, evals, paperwork. When the Monkey was evaluated and diagnosed with SPD, I assumed that was it. We were done. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was only the beginning. We have occupational therapy and speech therapy once a week. Yesterday he was officially diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. We’ve suspected it for a while, but I had hoped we were wrong. Unfortunately the evals do not end here. We have another appt in a couple of weeks to complete the rest of the tests and get an official report. The psychologist also wants to do an IQ test on him because he is so intelligent. So this is pretty much my life. Not what I expected when we had kids by any means, but here we are. I spent most of my morning today on the verge of tears.

This week the Monkey went to a day camp for special needs children and had a blast. Today was the last day and he did not want to leave. Had a slight meltdown because he wanted to stay and play. I told him he could go back another day and he was happy with that. It was a very small group of kids which is good for him, and the people that work there are experienced with autistic kids so they are sensitive to their needs.

Today I was listening to the song “Fix You” and almost started to cry. I love my children with all my being. They are my world and all I want for them is the best. This latest diagnosis does not make me think less of my son. It helps me understand him more. God entrusted me with his care for a reason. I have no idea why He thought I was the best person for the job, but He did and I take that job very seriously. I’m going to pursue my plans to homeschool so that he can flourish and reach his full potential. Along with that I will supplement with whatever he needs for those same reasons. I honestly do not understand why God has given me this daunting task. My Monkey is really special so apparently God thinks I’m pretty special too so at this point all I can do is praise Him and trust that he will provide me with what I need so that I can provide my son with what he needs. I never imagined that I could find beauty in a special needs child, but I have. He is the most amazing little boy a mother could ever ask for.