Some stuff about me

welcome to texas I really hate “About Me” sections. They seemingly require you to narrow yourself down to just a few words. Problem is, I’m way more than that. I’m actually quite complicated, and generally misunderstood. Quick rundown: I am a Texas girl through and through and I don’t care who knows it. I live in North Carolina and hate it. I’m a year away from my B.S. in Social Work. I intend to finish if life would ever give me the chance to. I have type II diabetes and PCOS. My son has SPD and quite possibly ADHD so we are giving the Feingold Diet a try before medical intervention. My daughter has eczema that has finally gotten under control. My husband also has type II diabetes as well as Chron’s Disease. I’m a Christian, a Republican, a SAHM, and future homeschooler. So there’s the nutshell. I can’t narrow my blog down to one thing because I tend to go off on tangents, and besides that would make it quite boring. 🙂


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